Basic Recruit Training Obligations?

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Posted by The Peasent from Canada on November 25, 2021 at 22:21:33:

I'm a highschool graduate currently enrolled in the Faculty of
Engineering, U of C, effective next fall. Recently the local
recruiting guys did a presentation at my highschool, and got
me interested in taking basic training. I haven't gone to the
recruiting office yet, but as of now this is what I understand:

- you sign up, and are shipped off somewhere to do your basic
- while in basic you are paid a wage. The recruit guy made it
sound like a summer job
- at the end of basic, you can choose to join or not
- if not, you go home and that's the end of it

My first concern is whether or not your name goes on file some where
as having basic military training. Is this true? If so, can you
be called to active duty because of it?

My second concern is the actual training itself: what exactly
do you learn/do? In previous posts on this topic, people seemed
overly concerned with the difficulty, but no one wanted to know
what they'd be doing. ? Do you do weapons training? If so, on what
platforms? Do you work with eplosives? To what extent? What
type of field excerises take place? Do you learn navigation,
and recon skills? What sort of physical exercise? Etc. Etc.

I'm not asking these questions to determine whether or not
the army is "going to be too hard or not". Rather the opposite; I
want to make sure it's worth my time. A posting about the
degrading quality of officers and laxness in the training
facilities has me wondering whether or not I'll get anything
out of the two months or not.

I'm 6'0", 186 pounds and in very good shape. I log an
average of 30 km a week running cross country- roads are
boring. I have 8 years of martial arts training. I spend
a great deal of my time outdoors, and a great deal of
that time hunting in remote locations with my neighbour.
I can find my way around, and am quite comfortable lugging
a 35 pound pack, rifle, and beer up the side of a mountain
and back down again. I'm in excellent physical condition,and
already know how to shoot a gun, get from A to B, 'survive in
the wilderness' and generally take care of myself. What else
can basic training offer me?

At this point I'm not too intent on joining the military,
reserves or otherwise, merely looking for something to do
over the summer. I thought basic training might teach me
some useful skills I don't already have... my question is,
will it?

Thanks for taking the time to read, all and any feedback
is appreciated.

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