Re: Basic Recruit Training Obligations?

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Posted by Michael O'Leary from Owen Sound ON Canada on November 25, 2021 at 23:30:34:

In Reply to: Basic Recruit Training Obligations? posted by The Peasent on November 25, 2021 at 22:21:33:

You appear to be discussing a number of mixed messages from the recruiters in your post. I will try to sort out some of the details and respond as best as possible.

Since you will be graduating and have been accepted in university the option you would be most interested in is the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP). ROTP candidates either go to Royal Military College or are subsidized to attend a civilian university. The "summer job" is actually your military officer's "phase" training, so called because most classifications will complete training over a number of consecutive summers (phased).

The first summer's training would be ten weeks of Basic Officer Training Course (BOTC). This includes introductory weapons training (rifle), drill, military knowledge, introductory navigation, fieldcraft, etc. (Sorry, no explosives training at this stage - that's for engineers on later courses or specific courses for others.) There is probably nothing you would find challenging in particular, the real challenge is putting up with the shift to a highly structured lifestyle in a military training environment and learning to "play the game" along with your peers. (And putting up with the less adept instructors - unfortunately, although we have a super instructional method, we don't train our 'trainers' as well in the fundamental psychology of efficient and effective teaching and leading in a training environment. An undue reliance on "setting the example" and expecting effective emulation years later, perhaps.)

The ROTP program anticipates five years compulsory service following four years subsidized schooling. In the past officers have been granted the opportunity to buy out this obligatory service but I have heard that this option is very seldom exercised. So, signing on the dotted line is (initially) a nine year commitment for officers.

A decision to leave during this basic training would likely be honoured, with the subsequent loss of subsidization, of course. But, dependent on circumstances, may also have a detrimental effect on any later attempts to join the military. Flunking out may also result in release, or immediate transfer to full-time service under different terms of service, i.e., a different officer's contract.

Regarding being recalled to the Colours - If you were released following only the BOTC for any reason, it is unlikely that you would ever be recalled. (Read never.)

As far as fitness goes, from what you have described you will not be physically challenged in BOTC, you may well seek extra opportunioties and time to work out. If you select a classification like infantry you will have greater, but certainly not unbearable, challenges during later training courses.

As to what you can get out of any military training - you will get from it merit in direct proportion to your commitment to it. The military provides the guidance, instruction, knowledge and material, you need to provide the motivation, determination, will and, to a certain measure, perseverance. Rarely, one's experiences on a particular course are soured by an instructor with deplorable bedside manner or personal attitudes, but even this is survivable. "That which does not kill us ..."

Hope this helps.


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