Re: Basic Recruit Training Obligations?

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Posted by Andy from Ottawa Canada on November 26, 2021 at 01:35:40:

In Reply to: Basic Recruit Training Obligations? posted by The Peasent on November 25, 2021 at 22:21:33:

You want to know what you will get from military training? You will get one simple thing that not too many civilians (and most officers) are missing...perspective. I have found that through my military training and experiences that I have gained perspective on things much more clearly than most of my civilan friends. They see the world as involving only them and their issues and minor everyday problems. They fail to see the big picture and are rarely aware of how their actions can affect others. Through my travels with the Army I have seen REAL problems and I have finaly come to understand what teamwork, being a team player etc etc really mean. I don't obsess about my own situation but rather I tend to think about the others around me and how I can help them and make everything run more smoothly. This may sound a bit fluffy but in all seriousness without that king of mentality an Infantry section will fail and people will get killed.

This brings me to my next point which is that of all the trades available the Infantry is the best and worst choice available. Worst because you live in dirt and mud, you are always too hot/cold/wet/dry/thirsty/hungry/tired/sore/bored/scared/ignorant. It is a seriously shitty existence. The Infantry never has it easy and that is what makes it the best. You may be shivering in some hole in the ground at four in the morning fighting to keep upright while trying to keep watch over your section while in the back your mind you suspect there is no real enemy, but there is a real pride in knowing you busted your ass and pushed yourself to the limit mentally and/or physically while other trades/ranks slept nice and cozy without a care in the world. This makes you better than them. They are the weak and you are the strong. This knowledge bonds you to every other Infantryman. It is an unbreakable bond. The friends you make in the Army will be friends for life. You will trust them like no other friends you have had before or after them.

Next let me dispel the myth that because of the fact that you are going to University you should be an Officer. That is a load of B.S. A Degree says nothing about your leadership potential and frankly most of the people I have met at University would make horrible officers let alone soldiers. Many non-comissioned soldiers in the Army today have degrees and ther is no pressure on them to take their commission. My advice to you (keeping in mind that it's free advice) is forget officer training and spend time in the Ranks if you don't like it than no big loss, if you think that it's for you and you feel that you would like to pursue a commission then do it. The problem with officers is that 1. there are far too many of them 2. they don't know their job 3. they are always trying to do someone else's job. If you do choose to take your commission try to remember those things.

I guess that's my rant for the night, just let me finish by saying that although the Army isn't quite what it used to be and probably won't ever be again there are still lots of opportunities for a challenge both phyical and mental and a chance to really see what you can do under stress. You seem like a keen type and should give it a try keeping in mind that you may be disappointed with what you find initially but things only are as difficult/hard/fun/exciting as you yourself make tham.

Seriously that't it for tonight because I am all out of cliches.

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