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Posted by Soldier Grrrl from Canada on April 15, 2021 at 20:58:37:

Well. Whenever I start to feel good about being a soldier, I realize there still are those lurking in the back corners who wish I was gone because I am a woman.

First of all, that article about the US Navy just shows how much farther behind us they are in how they deal with women in the service. Too bad they don't come North to see some of the lessons we have learned.

Second, the physical fitness standard has not been lowered for Canadian Infantry in order to accomodate women. The only change made in the last 10 years is from the 2X10 to the 13.2 Km LFC battle fitness march, which was done in the early 90's. (By the way, I was able to complete the old test and the new).

Next, if you think there are a lot more women in Canadian Combat Arms, you haven't been around the Army much to take a look have you? In the reserves there has been a slow but steady increase, but in the regular Army the numbers are pitiful. I suppose going from 1 to 2 is a 100 per cent increase, so some might view it as "a lot more" viewed as a percentage.

There are good women soldiers and there are bad, just like there are good men soldiers and there are bad. Don't aim the blame for other problems with the way things are going in the Army at women.

My personal opinion is that the older the soldier, the more problems they have with women in the Combat Arms. Those that have been around less time have seen us serving alongside them from the start, and we get along much better. The regular Army and the US Navy has to cotton on to this fact.


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