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Posted by George Rice (Retired) from Canada on April 16, 2021 at 01:18:25:

In Reply to: Wake up. posted by Soldier Grrrl on April 15, 2021 at 20:58:37:

I was one of the first to have a female as an armourd officer candidate while at CTC and the general feeling was get rid of her and there were guys who went out of their way to do that. Unfortunately she was not able to successfully complete her training because of various factors. The main one being her general level of fitness.
Which brings me to the point you make about lowering the fitness level for females, am I correct in assuming that you want to have an easier time of it during fitness training because your a woman. That strikes me as a tad whimpy but I suppose in the new army the girls have to have it easier. Get real lady a soldier pulls his/her own weight no-one else carrys it for you. If you can't stand the training then find another occupation.
fitness keeps you alive and don't forget the main purpose of an army. That is to fight the nations enemies both foreign and domestic. That means you have to be able to beat the ass off the other guy. Regardless of what our glorius defence minister may say this army will never be able to do its job as long as it keeps changing the standards to make individuals happy.

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