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Posted by Gunner from Canada on April 17, 2021 at 01:07:51:

In Reply to: Wake up. posted by Soldier Grrrl on April 15, 2021 at 20:58:37:

A couple of points for clarification:

a. The driving factor in the change in PT standards was because of legal liabilities
that the CF faced over different PT standards. You would be amazed at how many
soldiers were permently hurt in the name of "tough" PT. The problems with units
making their own PT standards is it soon becomes unrealistic. Is the PT standard (13 km Ruck
sack march) we have now adequate? No its' not. The Army recognizes this and their is
a new standard being promulgated based on actual tasks. I believe it consists of the
13 km march, digging a trench under time constraints, loading a truck with ammo boxes, and one other....
anyone know?? (maybe the firemen carry). It is designed to gauge basic strength and
physical fitness.

b. LFWA did not unilaterally depose of Work Dress. It was decided by the Army RSMs th
that it had become a quality of life issue that soldiers had to care for so many orders of dress,
including two sets of DEU, cbts, and work dress. You never got to wear the Warrior badge as
they only arrived at the same time work dress was phased out, then Warrior was discredited, and then teh Warrior
program morphed into MLOC and DLOC training.

c. To soldier girl...keep up the good work. It doesn't matter if you are male or female...if you can hump a rck with the best of them, you are a soldiers. Keep up the good attitude.

Gunner Sends

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