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Trisha Cornforth, editor of "Der K" passes away


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As I was looking for something else about CFE, I came across this recent news.  The linked article is a machine translation from German.

Trisha Cornforth was the longtime editor of "Der Kanadier" and was probably familiar to many who served in Lahr.

June 19, 2021 - Bearer of the Citizen's Medal passed away at the age of 75

Mourning for Patricia Cornforth

Few people in Lahr are as quickly and clearly associated with their life's work as Patricia Cornforth.
Patrica Cornforth was the driver and guardian of the German-Canadian friendship in Lahr. With her persistence, she has developed this friendship into a self-image that has become an integral part of Lahr. Even at the time when the Canadian Armed Forces were in Lahr and especially afterwards, Patrica Cornforth never let up on maintaining contacts across the pond and maintaining the Canadian way of life in Lahr. As a thank you for this she was awarded the Citizen's Medal in 2005. Now she has passed away in her adopted home Lahr at the age of 75. The city of Lahr mourns the loss of relatives for this committed personality. Mayor Markus Ibert makes it clear that Tricha Cornforth was the face of the Canadians in Lahr for many years after the withdrawal of the Canadian armed forces. She kept the memory of the “Canadian time” alive here in Lahr. It is now important to continue in their spirit.