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Former Rms - Sup Res to PRes

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I was formerly a Reg Force RMS Cpl (QL3s,QL5s) released in 2014 to Sup Res. I decided well over a year ago I was not ready to be fully released and decided to join as a Reservist at which time i did my medical and fitness test. I have been granted three extentions and was continually told they were waiting on my prior learning assessment. My extention expires the end of the month and I was told I would not be given anymore. Today I was told only my BMQ will be recognized I will be back to Pte and i will have to redo trade qualification as well as BMQ Land (SQ). They still have not told me if I will be FSA or HRA, from what i hear in this unit you are both anyways. Anyone else having long wait times on going sup res to pres? Anyone else formerly RMS successfully re-enroll to FSA or HRA? What is the trade qualification like, do we still say QL3s? Why do the amount of weeks seem longer then what i remember?


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Have you received any of this in writing? instead of a verbal you should have received documentation on how they assessed you on the plar and the rank you will be given.

Now from my experience as it has been over 5 years your trade course is normally no longer valid so that is most likely correct. You will have to do the RQ Pte course which is the same for reg and res. Haven't looked to confirm the most current but last I had was approx 3 months. We only have RQ Pte and RQ Sgt now as required trade courses, they finally listened to us and got rid of the separate 5's course which was useless.

Rank I do not recall ever dropping from Cpl to Pte. I usually saw Cpl Untrained and to be trade loaded asap.

Many reserve units have not adapted to the separation of trades. I only know of 2 that tried to accomplish this, one I was at and the other was in the same armouries. Some are also expecting their FSA posn to do the NPF bookkeeping even though at this time NPF is not part of the trade. In reserves I would recommend HRA as most positions are for them. I had a Fin NCO Sgt perm CL B and a Cpl Cl A. There was a push to move one of the HRA positons over to FSA but I left before that got anywhere. Without FSA there is no choice but to have the HRA there do the claims (really the only thing for an FSA at a reserve unit besides the budget stuff the Fin NCO deals with).