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My name is  M/Cpl Joseph Yvon Melanson, course 7003 CFB Cornwallis. at the end of our Basic Training we were give a vacinne that we called a PUSSER SHOT the reason your arm swelled twice its size. I dont know how many of us are still alive an how is there health. This vacinne is NOT on our medical record an i have been trying for 8yrs to get the government to tell us what was in that vacinne. Anyone who got the shot will know no one still alive will forget it.. Any one out there course 7001 02 03 04 05 06 07 got this shot i have found some still alive but this vacinne has taken its toll.. Im going public if you where at CFB Cornwallis contact me.  I have contacted VA, our Lawyer Lise Cormier, the Veteran Ambusemen whose madate is 1998 onward cant help. National Defence Health Services Group,, an my MP Dominic Leblanc. In all of 8yrs not one call, letter or email. The province of NB does not cover our Medication so we die, Veteran Affairs to me to go on Welfare. no need to tell you what i told the prick its all recorded. Anyway at Veterans Affair there moto on the wall is DENY DENY DENY UNTIL THEY GIVE UP OR DIE i told Dominic Leblanc that we may all die but give up IM A CANADIAN AN WE NEVER GIVE UP.  So its go time an CBC Investigation is going public.