1st Canadian Infantry Division Units
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1st Canadian Infantry Division Units
Sicily 1943


  • 1 Canadian Infantry Division Defence and Employment Platoon (Lorne Scots)

RCA 1 Canadian Infantry Division

  • 1 Canadian Field Regiment, RCHA
  • 2 Canadian Field Regiment, RCA
  • 3 Canadian Field Regiment, RCA
  • 1 Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA
  • 2 Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA
  • 12 Canadian Meteorological Section

RCE 1 Canadian Infantry Division

  • 1 Canadian Field Company
  • 3 Canadian Field Company
  • 4 Canadian Field Company
  • 2 Canadian Field Park Company
  • 1 Canadian Bridging Platoon

1 Canadian Infantry Division Signals

HQ RCASC 1 Canadian Infantry Division

  • 1 Canadian Infantry Brigade Company
  • 2 Canadian Infantry Brigade Company
  • 3 Canadian Infantry Brigade Company
  • 1 Canadian Infantry Divisional Troops Company


  • 4 Canadian Field Ambulance
  • 5 Canadian Field Ambulance
  • 9 Canadian Field Ambulance
  • 2 Canadian Field Hygiene Section


  • 1 Canadian Infantry Divisional Ordnance Field Park
  • 1 Canadian Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit


  • 1 Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop
  • 2 Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop
  • 3 Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop
  • No. 1 Infantry Troops Workshop

C Pro C

  • 1 Canadian Provost Company


  • 1 Canadian Field Cash Office


  • 1 Canadian Infantry Division Postal Unit


  • 1 Canadian Dental Company


  • 4th Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment (4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards)

Divisional Support

  • Saskatoon Light Infantry (Machine Gun)


  • The Royal Canadian Regiment
  • Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
  • The 48th Highlanders of Canada


  • Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
  • Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
  • Loyal Edmonton Regiment


  • Royal 22e Regiment
  • Carleton and York Regiment
  • West Nova Scotia Regiment

1st Canadian Armoured Brigade

    Sicily 1943

  • 11th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Ontario Regiment)
  • 12th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Three Rivers Regiment)
  • 14th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Calgary Regiment)
  • No. 83 Company, RCASC
  • No. 2 Light Field Ambulance, RCAMC
  • No. 1 Army Tank Brigade Sub-Park, RCOC
  • 1st Tank Brigade Workshop, RCOC

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