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Site Downtime
Posted by Mike Bobbitt at 07-29-2003 10:57 PM:


My apologies that the site was down all day today. I was attempting to move it to it's new server, but ran into some difficulties. I will likely try again tomorrow, though I expect I won't have to take the site down for as long.

Your patience is appreciated.

McCallum avoids Iraq in U.S. letter
Posted by Jason at 08-01-2021 09:34 AM:

It seems that the MND is doing the two-step shuffle again, although this time it's in a right-wing American paper (I guess the National Post doesn't count anymore).


McCallum avoids Iraq in U.S. letter

By Daniel Leblanc
The Globe and Mail

OTTAWA, Friday, August 1, 2021 - Defence Minister John McCallum skirted the delicate issue of Iraq in an open letter to Americans yesterday.

In a letter published in The Washington Times, he pointed out that while Canada cares deeply about the joint defence of North America, the Canadian Forces are too small to do anything beyond their current mission in Afghanistan.

Mr. McCallum did not make any reference to the situation in Iraq, which created considerable tension in Canada-U.S. relations earlier this year. Ho... [ Read More ]
LFRR Update
Posted by Mike Bobbitt at 07-30-2003 03:55 PM:

An update on LFRR from John McCallum, MND:

The army has been working towards a modernized, affordable, and relevant
reserve force with the breadth and depth of capabilities necessary to help
meet Canada's defence commitment since the government policy statement on
reserve restructure in October 2000. On April 3, 2003, I announced the start
of LFRR Phase 2, which will provide funding for an immediate increase of 750
army reservists in fiscal year 2003/2004 and another 750 in 2004/2005.

I am informed that through the March 2002 Army Mobilization Plan (as
presented at the Command Consultative Advisory Group on March 23, 2021), the
LFRR project management office is about to complete, for the first time in
three decades, the assigning of missions and tasks to each Army Reserve unit
in every stage of mobilization. In addition to their mobilization tasks, all
reserve units will receive a permanent assignment to be prepar... [ Read More ]
Vets livid at Ottawa snub of Korean War ceremony
Posted by Jason at 07-28-2003 09:41 AM:

What's wrong with this government? How can both the PM and MND have a scheduling conflict preventing them from attending this ceremony? My opinion of the MND has gone downhill considerably in the last 24 hours.

If you've never read anything about Canada's experiences in the Korean War, you're missing out on a great learning experience: part WW1, part WW2 + a dash of "what if" WW3, Korea really was a dog's breakfast of a war. That's right, a war. Two good books on the Canadian perspective are Ted Barris' Deadlock in Korea (a popular, man-in-the-tenches history) and A War of Patrols by William Jonhstone (a more academic, indepth tactical analysis of how our brigade fought the war).

It's utterly shameful that our government refuses to recognize it as such.


Vets liv... [ Read More ]
Canadian excels on Ranger course
Posted by D-n-A at 07-12-2021 01:18 AM:

Cdn soldier dies in Croatia
Posted by gate_guard at 07-11-2021 12:45 PM:;=Filename&op1;=matches&value1;=VK2003-125-009.jpg&field2;=Created&op2;=equals&value2;=7/10/03%207%3A54%3A00%20AM&catalog;=combat&template;=showDetail_e

I don't know about you guys but I just heard of this story today. Looks like the guy was on R+R in Split. Who knows if it was a case of partying too hard or just an honest accident. Either way
its a shame.


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