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Question on Application timelines


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Hello everyone, hope you're doing well and apologies if this is in the wrong place, first time posting here.

I'm currently an applicant for DEO pilot very early on in the process, still waiting for initial testing which I'm told will occur sometime in April. In the meantime however, I have a great opportunity on the horizon for a paid internship in my degree field which could open a lot of doors down the line if I don't end up cutting the mustard for pilot. It would require a 6 month commitment from May to October. Anyways, the question is, assuming a best case scenario where I do well in all the testing and end up near the top of the competition list, what are the chances I would receive an offer in that time frame and be forced to turn it down? If I turn down an offer, could I be put back on the competition list to be considered in the future, or is it final?

I know that pilot applications are lengthy, doubly so due to covid, and that I likely won't get accepted this year if at all. I still thought I'd ask the experts here who have a far better idea than me of how fast people are moving through the system. Thanks in advance for any advice, cheers!