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MS Eng, CT-ROTP, OFP, Quality of Life


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I would appreciate feedback on the MS Eng occupation, including insight into quality of life experience through training to OFP and beyond.

I'll be starting an engineering degree next fall, and I'm looking at CT-ROTP from the army reserve.

I have a family of three, and my partner is supportive and can manage deployments and courses away from home, but I'm limiting myself to civilian university ROTP options rather than going to RMC and living in dorms away from them for four years. It looks like that means MS Eng and NCS Eng for engineering occupations.

If I go MS Eng, starting next fall, what am I looking at during the next four years? I'm counting three summers for training between the school years. I have PLQ, and I've heard that second language training has been cut back. Probably NETP (9 weeks) in the first summer? Naval Engineering Indoctrination (11 weeks)?

I'm tracking Marine Systems Engineering Applications (22 weeks) after graduation from forces.ca, then a year aboard ship for phase vi.

Does a posting with my family come at the beginning of phase vi?  If I'm going to be at sea for much of the year immediately afterward, would I be looking at IR rather than move them to a place I'm not even going to be at?

After phase vi, what can I expect in terms of postings and deployment cycles? Given that the trade is listed as "in demand", what drives the attrition?