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Material Technician PLAR


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Hey All!

New to forums in general but I think I'm in the right spot. Just wanted to ask one question.

Is there anyone around who knows any MAT TECHS that were PLARed right out of basic who had a college diploma and/or a RED Seal in welding and received a P3 or CPL rank in the process. I'm currently waiting for my PLAR to get back from Gagetown because it was done backwards. I'm currently waiting for my DP1 to start and curious if they will give me a hook and/or backpay due to my past experience and the PLAR having been done wrong sense 2018. If anyone who knows a guy who knows a guy that has experienced a MAT TECH PLAR before and came out successful it would be much appreciated. I'm just trying to find out if it has happened in the past for others.

best regards