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Lessons Learned by a LAV Captain - Defense


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Tough to read through the US Army jargon and the analogies to MMA.  What does stand out is that the plan hinged on firing 150 Javelins.  At 100k a missile, that's a 15million dollar engagement.  Hard to train for that.


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It’s an expensive way to fight but I don’t know about training as those missiles are simulated.

Colin Parkinson

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Even fighting a proxy army, you can now expect them to have ATGM's, The LAV's aren't going to be able sit still or stay close in to the fight.


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Sounds like the command team had a pretty solid grasp of defense in depth, using the terrain to their advantage, etc etc.

150 Javelins, mortars, AH-64 Apache's overhead, etc etc.  2 of those 3 things don't even exist in our inventories....and as solid as the new Carl G is, it isn't the same as a top-attack ATGM like the Javelin.

Similar scenario to us, all we could do it rain down artillery & mortars, and hope for a few solid shots with an 84mm.  The rest are toys we don't have. 


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Haligonian said:
An interesting read back from a SBCT at NTC.  I pulled it from twitter so that's why the flow is a little weird.

I talk a lot about leveraging the SBCTs strength so I want to provide an example from a defense. I started drawing this out about a year before execution, with the goal to get an adversary to waste their S-O from SOSRA and misjudge PLC
In my mind it was Army combatives. Pull them into our guard, transition to mount, slides our knees into their arm pits and sit back on their chest and feed them their teeth. First, we showed our defense to be in a position about 3 km behind where it was
We did this overtly. They planned their Suppression and obscurarion against positions we would not be in. Over the P.O.D. we cached Missiles (roughly 150) forward where we would actually fight from. The positions weren’t well prepared, they were just good ground
to fire Javelins from. We also rehearsed the displacement and occupation over P.O.D knowing that we had about 23 minutes to displace from our atk pos to occupy our primary BP. We did a lot of analysis on what triggers they would use to initiate SOSRA.
We determined a PL that they would cross and initiate and we planned on being on the move by then. It was crucial to be tied into the shadow feed and BCT S2 chat because our plan hinged on that trigger.
During execution, it wasn’t perfect. We were a few minutes late on the read and for a few minutes it looked like a 40 strykers racing across the central corridor. Our lead PLT was destroyed and we immediately committed our reserve.
But the suppression was off, so was obscurarion... and all of a sudden they were pulled into our guard. DF advantage was ceded and Jav fire was massed as 8 platoons put 150 missiles into an enemy within 2km that couldn’t deploy and thought we would be 4-5 km away.
We essentially had them by the collar, hooked the knee, and rolled up into the mount. Massing BN mortar fire and javelins on a confused enemy. Then the knees went into the armpits. AH-64 on station in ABF. Javs - mortars - artillery - AAA wrecking the EA. 8
Teeth fed. A MIP squeezed through and made a dash for the BSA and was mopped up by the BCT Reserve. They employed NPCHEM, Red Air, there was nothing that could turn it back, just reinforcing failure at that point. At the end, there was a BRDM left and nothing else
It’s easy to say ‘leverage strengths, mitigate weaknesses’ but this is what I think it looks like in application. All we did was waste their artillery and forced them to hit LC for LD. Yet that’s all we needed.

Target on....

I hate it when people use sports analogies to describe battles, simulated or otherwise. It makes me think that their intellectual grasp of various complex aspects of modern warfare stalled at about the Grade 11 Phys Ed level.

Tangent off...