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  1. Seeking Advanced Squad Leader players

    Howdy. Tactical wargames, the kind played on tables and not on computers, appeal to me to the point that I've invested several hundreds of dollars in them, primarily into the Advanced Squad Leader system. That said, do you play ASL?  If not; why not? ;D Anyway, if you play or are interested in...
  2. General Disorder -> Technoviking

    It seems that Technoviking is a moniker by which I'm still known, so, instead of dancing to the music, the music will dance to me!  :P
  3. Technoviking ---> General Disorder

    I've always wanted to be a general...
  4. It's UKRAINE, dammit!

    I still keep reading "the Ukraine" when reference is made to Ukraine.  For what it's worth, in 1993, the Government of Ukraine asked us (the West) to drop the definite article when referring to their country.  Interestingly enough, in Ukrainian, there are no articles (no "a" or "the").  As an...
  5. Pope resigns

    First time a pontiff has resigned in 600 years. Story here Also, Canada's Marc Ouellet is touted as a top contender to replace him: Story here.
  6. New Name for me?

    I've had this user name for quite some time.  I'm thinking of changing it.  PLEASE VOTE. ;D
  7. Major (Ret'd) Ron Furlotte, The RCR

    22 Feb 2012: Ron Furlotte suffered a stroke this morning at approximately 0620hrs. Ron is a retired RCR Major from Gagetown and currently employed as a contractor within the LFAA Sim Centre attached to the Tactics School. He was brought to the Chalmer's Hospital in Fredericton where he is...
  8. Forces intelligence operative pleads guilty to, jailed on child porn charges

    From the Ottawa Citizen: More at link here. - mod edit to update status of case in subject line -
  9. 7 killed in U.S. military helicopter crash

    From the CBC More at link here
  10. Son of CWO (Ret'd) Reg Irvine killed by Drunk Driver

    Any former candidate of the Infantry School in the mid 1990s will remember "Reg" Irvine, the RSM of the school, and the former RSM of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment.  I have some sad news to pass along: his son was killed by a drunk driver yesterday, 15 January 2012.  Here is the...
  11. 15th Canadian International Sniper Concentration

    From here The 15th Canadian International Sniper Concentration - set to run Sept. 6 to 16 - will bring together military teams from across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy and the United States. There will also be eight police teams participating. More at link.
  12. Master Cpl. Francis Roy Found Dead in Kandahar - June 25/ 2011

    I just read that a Canadian soldier was found dead of a non combat related incident in Kandahar.  The source was cbc.ca, but I don't know how to post the link.  (I'm on my mobile phone).  The soldier was identified, but the name was withheld at the request of the family. RIP soldier.
  13. You know you're sick of "you know when" threads, when...

    When you start making your own topics.
  14. Suicide attack in Talokan kills 2 German Soldiers

    From here Technoviking translation: Though it's sad to say that casualties are an everyday occurence in Afghanistan, it stands out that the commander of RC (North) was wounded.
  15. Friendly Advice for potential Infantry Officer candidates

    Hello All If you read my profile, you will note that I am an Infantry Officer, and that I am currently at the Infantry School.  I am putting creating this topic as a helpful note for you people who wish to be Infantry Officers. Bottom Line Up Front: The infantry is one of the toughest trades...
  16. Cold War Memories

    Over 20 years ago, the Wall fell, and very quickly, our world changed.  It went from an armed camp in Europe where ethnic divisions were suppressed to one where those divisions rose to civil unrest and war.  How do you remember the Cold War?  Many of our newest soldiers have no living memory of...
  17. How to employ 63.93 lbs of death spewing awesomeness

    There is another thread on the C16 AGLS and there are those who suppose that it has a niche within the mechanised infantry platoon.  I argue, vehemently, that it does not.  The capabilities it will offer already exist in terms of the effect you wish to inflict upon the enemy.  Some would argue...
  18. RIP Charles S. Roberts

    More on his Obit here I can thank Mr. Roberts for creating the genre that has consumed many of my off-duty hours: wargaming.  Avalon Hill.  I have just reviewed the Wikipedia article, and since this is Radio Chatter, I'll put the link up here. RIP Mr. Roberts.  :salute:
  19. RCMP arrest three for terrorism offences

    Just saw this on http://www.ctv.ca/news More at this link.
  20. Happy Independence Day

    To all of those on here who are from the USA, I wish you a Happy Independence Day!  :salute: