British Paras

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Posted by Canadian Abroad (Mr) from London UK on May 18, 2021 at 15:43:44:

Is it just me or does anyone else feel a tinge of envy
at the sight of the Paras swaggering around Freetown like they own the place ? These guys look nothing other than a professional and well disciplined unit and you take them on at your peril. Belfast, Pristina, Freetown, no problem...
They seem to take pride in their regimental maroon berets and not hide their identity under anonymous UN blue headgear.
Why do we Canadians have to wrap our Army in a saccarine coated UN-Peacekeepers-GoodyGoody shell and not allow our soldiers look and act like a proper fighting Army ?
Is this the wave of the future, warm and fuzzy social workers-cum-peacekeepers rather than like the hard-bitten non-PC Paras? Were we ever like that ? Can we ever be again ?
Comments anyone ?
PS I've never been nor fancied being a Para/Airborne, but all credit where credit is due.

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