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Posted by Boyd from Canada on May 23, 2021 at 02:04:25:

In Reply to: Agreed, then! posted by Michael Dorosh on May 22, 2021 at 20:54:47:

You mentioned that for the most part anyway, no PM or MoD has served in the CAF. While on the surface, this might seem to be a huge problem in terms of the use of the military, I think it's less of a problem than simply a lack of respect. Most of the Ministers of Health aren't MDs. The difference is that the politicos view the medical system with respect and don't try to tell an MD that while it would be nice for Canada to have it's own lithotripters, we'll only allow access to lithotripters as part of a international medical program. Nor would we buy one top of the line lithotripter to be used in international medical conferences only.

My point is that the elected officials need to understand and admit one thing everyday: I do not know everything, I cannot know everything and therefore must rely on the experts that surround me to come up with workable solutions. Our elected officials seem to have fallen into "But they're just common soldiers" mode of thinking. The old attitudes of class 'n caste still seem to exist, both in the CAF and in it's political masters. Not too long ago, I had a commissioned officer try to tell me that enlisted men lack the understanding of the world to ever really be trusted to run anything larger than a section. While this isn't true of every officer, these types of attitudes still exist.

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