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Posted by observer from AB Canada on February 09, 2021 at 13:31:00:

In Reply to: Re: UNBELIEVABLE...Canadian GRU posted by Magoo on February 09, 2021 at 12:59:41:

Thank you for the rational response.

I'm a litle confuse, however, at what you are espousing.

Either the DCO had a responsibility to take some action or he didn't. It appears you agree he should have taken some action, and it seems from the available information he did not do so. That makes him culpable from that point of view.

However a matter of graver concern is that you and others who have posted seem to think that because the original offender was a LCol CO, or in other cited examples could have been a CSM, the mater should have been dealt with quietly. Do you really think if a Pte, Cpl, or MCpl had turned up in the same condition, even from similar causes, this would have been ignored? Do you not think said junior ranks would have been immediately jailed, charged, and tried?

The suggestion that there should be two sets of standards for the military based on rank is wrong. That approach has already been criticized at length in this forum in respect of various senior officers' inappropriate use of TD funds, separation allowance, etc.

Let's keep things simple - Bryan was exceptionally drunk on duty, and in a theater where a soldier would have been immediately disciplined, this incident was covered up by all who should have known better.

The DCO in question had loyalties to others than simply his CO, and these loyalties to the soldiers of the unit and to the larger military system were ignored.

To use the emotive word "snitched" to dismiss the fundamental problem here evades the issue.

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