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Posted by Magoo (Mr.) from Montreal QC Canada on February 10, 2021 at 13:21:10:

In Reply to: Re: UNBELIEVABLE...Canadian GRU posted by observer on February 10, 2021 at 09:54:41:

I don't think we're done here yet.

The higher the rank the more you have to lose. What are the consequences for the Jr Rks?
Historically, charges and jail time were looked upon by many personnel in senior positions
as evidence of a man with spirit. And troops generally saw them as a badge of honour, after
the initial shock of being sent away wore off.

For Snr NCOs, who presumably have already been down that road and learned their lessons the hard way,
it's a different story, no? Presumably, that's why WOs and up are only tried in front of a General
Officer, because the consequences are much graver, the punishments are much more severe, and the
evidence should be more damning. The responsibility and the possibilities for
screwing up are much greater at higher rk levels. Jr Rks are generally responsible for themselves
and their kit, and eventually, for others subordinate to them. Their behaviour is often corrected
through minor punishments: small fines, extra work and drill, and so on. These things are hardly a
hindrance to promotion, or retainment.

For senior people, I can assure you, keeping those above and below you happy with your performance
requires effort. The possibility for missing something and causing a disaster through injury to
personnel, loss of resources, or merely loss of respect or confidence from your peers, subordinates
or supervisors is a constant fear. It is a very political world for those who make the big bucks.

Perhaps that's why it appears the Queen's Regulations and Orders Volume II is pressed into service
more for those from Private to Master Corporal. A Commanding Officer generally doesn't have to fire
an officer under his command, for most officers I know, if the CO said, "I don't wish to retain your
services.", that would be enough reason to polish the resume and shuffle off. I'm sure it's the same
for Senior NCOs, especially if they were ostracised by their peers. It's only those either truly
wronged or without honour that use all the rules and excuses to cling to their carcass of a career.

What are the consequences when a Jr Rk's partner verbally accosts a Senior Rk at a social event? Is
it the same thing if a CSM's spouse has some loud words with the Coy Commander? Be honest.

Two sets of rules? There's only one Code of Service Discipline for all service members. The
unwritten rules that govern higher rks often require a lot more subtle behaviour modification to follow.

If you're in the Junior Ranks, enjoy it, you're most likely having the most fun of anyone serving.
That's the way it's meant to be. It's not that it's not fun elsewhere, it's just different.

That's not all I want to say, but it's enough for now.

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