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Posted by Andy from Canada on December 01, 2021 at 19:04:06:

In Reply to: Re: Too many officers posted by Matt Fisher on December 01, 2021 at 14:01:08:

I agree with your thought on NCM training. Most of the training takes place over the summer months for highschool students. This leaves university students in the lurch they are encouraged to take officer traingin because it fits better into their schedual. I think that for High school students their ql2 training should take place over weekends in the winter spring then they could take the ql3 and ql4 courses with their university compatriots. This could lead to better trained soldiers who could be of more use to their units ans well as perhaps giving them a reason to stay with the reserves.

The emphasis on university training for officers is silly and put people into position that they aren't ready or capable of. Unfortunately it is an elitist belief that will probably never go away. As long as our universities keep cranking out "educated" people then the officer corps is safe. Little do they realize that a degree refelcts nothing of hw well suited the person is to lead and with the caliber of officers these days it seems like the same could be said for officer training

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