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Posted by Magoo (Mr.) from Montreal QC Canada on December 02, 2021 at 13:15:25:

In Reply to: Re: Too many officers posted by a soldier on December 02, 2021 at 00:16:15:

You're all making sense!!! These points are excellent
and should be part of the required solution. It's very
gratifying to see people care and are willing to think
and provide constructive solutions.

The whole Reserve system is set up for high school students.
I went on my ITC II crse 2 years ago. It's a requirement
for promotion to Major, not too many high schoolers on it.
It was held in July, in Gagetown. It's a really good crse,
with excellent staff. For most of the candidates, senior
Capts, and Lts, it really didn't matter when the crse was
held, because they're all employed in civilian life. But here
we are all going on crse during the high school summer break.
I was employed at a battle school, and had to leave the 250-person,
(200 of them high school students) infantry company undermanned,
when I left.

These crses are all during the Reg Force posting period, and
are directed from a national level as to when to be run. Hello
NDHQ, we're not all in high school anymore. I suppose it's
convenient if you're a teacher.

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