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Hi, I'm currently in Grade 12 and ever since Grade 9 it was my goal to join the RMC.
The time has finally come and I have thought about which trade I wanted to go into.
As a result, social worker came into my best interest. 
Do you first need to get accepted into another civil university for social work diploma and then apply for ROTP?
Also, what's the average academic average in BC to compete for RMC acceptance?
Thank you for your time.

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Hi Andrew,

I'm glad you're interest in joining the CAF. However, a simple search of the FORCES recruiting website would have provided you with this information regarding Social Work Officers:

Required Education
The minimum required education to apply for this position is a Master of Social Work degree from an accredited Canadian Social Work Program, a current unrestricted license (active status) to practice as a social worker from a provincial or territorial regulatory authority/association and a letter of "good standing" from that authority.

So, to the only entry scheme for Social Work Officer is DEO (Direct Entry Officer), which requires that your already have all of the education and accreditations listed above.

The ROTP program is only designed for you to obtain your Baccalaureate, not your Master's. So, if you are interested in ROTP, you'll have to pick a different trade.


So to join the CAF as a Social Work, you need to already