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Hey all,

I noticed there was a posting on by DND for a position as an Air Force Firefighter. Talked to the recruiter in Ottawa about the position and he informed me that the application process was similar to any other trade within the CF that offers direct entry (CFAT, Interview, Physical Testing, Basic, etc.). For some background I'm a 25/yo Male, not in the CF, I explained to him a bit about my experience/education and he said that I would be applying as "Above average and semi-skilled." (Hard to say that without sounding like a douche).

To get to the point, I'm just wondering if after completing the 5 year "Restricted Release" where you are locked into the trade, is it possible to transfer over to another trade/section such as SAR-Tech or, even further, to something along the lines of CSOR/CJIRU? Has this ever been attempted or is it even technically possible? Typically what is the background for people who move into those avenues? Are they life time military who joined at 16 and have served in Combat Arms their whole life? Or is it actually open to anyone with the physical and mental ability?

I apologize ahead of time if there are any acrynom or term misuse.

Thanks for any help!


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I know this thread is pretty old, but if the question still stands...

The fire trade is like every other trade in terms of the application process. If they offer you the semi-skilled course I would decline it. I had my Fire level 1 and level 2 and I decided to do the 9 month 3's and I was finished it before they even decided to run a semi skilled course. They rarely run because they just dont have the bodies to run a course. They wont run unless they are full because the cost would be to much for a half-filled course.

As far as I know, the SOU (statement of understanding) which kept you for 5 years was removed. I recently just lost mine and I was the last course (5's) to actually receive it. However they may have a new one for the QL3s.

As for your question about changing trades after, it is entirely possible. SF requires 5 years of service (trained service?) before applying and I believe SAR-Tech also has some sort of guidelines also. MANY firefighters transfer to SAR or SF. You dont need to be combat arms to apply or succeed. Combat arms MAY help you with the mentality aspect of the job in terms of SF, but honestly the fire trade is a good precursor to SAR. We call SAR Tech "Special Forces Firefighters". We get alot of the same training they get ,minus the jump course and paramedic course, but you do get alot of medical training, and tons of difficult rescue training.

I would honestly not even bother thinking about joining SF or SAR now or at least until you have enough time in to even apply because things change. Hell 5 years ago you could be attach-posted to CJIRU as a firefighter and do 5 years as part of CJIRU instead of sea time. Now thats not the case.

If you have anymore questions dont hesitate to ask. Not alot of Firefighter questions floating around so its nice to help when I can.


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