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North Nova Scotia Highlanders/No Retreatng Footsteps


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Hey guys.Do you have an interest in the North Nova Scotia Highlanders,or even a relative who fought with them?As you probably know,this regiment  landed on D-Day and proved themselves over and over again against the 12th SS.

I have an original,hardcover copy of Will Birds regimental history/war diary on the North Novies. (It has been signed in 1954 by the original North Novie piper as well,which makes it very,very rare.)

The book itself is in close to excellent condition...the dustcover is in used condition.These books are very rare,and typically sell for between $400-$800,but I am only looking to get what I paid for this one...$400. It is a great keepsake,and even a great investment. 

Please email me at [email protected]  Serious inquiries only please...