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New combat uniforms


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I've had the new 'mandarin collar' uniforms (or whatever they're called) for a few months now so I thought I would write something up for anyone considering trading in their old combats for these.

-The material is thicker and warmer in windy and colder climates.
-The zippered pockets on the chest are surprisingly handy and even more surprisingly, the zippers don't seem to break often.
-The flat(er) chest and collar jive with body armor a lot better. I found the collar a bit tight but it's great in the field.
-They seem to fade generally at the same rate so you don't have two drastically looking pieces of uniform.

-The sizing is all messed up. Lots of people I spoke with who had the new uniforms commented on needing a different size to fit, myself included.
For example with the older combats I have a 44" chest that fits well.  With the new combats they dicked around with sizes (probably trying to cut sizes out) and I find myself between sizes. I (now) have a 40" chest uniform that's pretty damn tight, however if I go up to a size 44 I'm floating in it. I could probably fit a soccer ball between my chest and the uniform in a sz44". I can also pull the sides out like a Redbull wingman suit.  For my uniform to fit well I'll have to drop 15 pounds or gain 40.
-The old cord is replaced with an elastic band that seems to sit too highup, closer to your ribcage than waist.
-The stitching is extra shitty.  I have 3 uniforms that need some serious sewing maintenance. I have to sew my nametag velcro piece, pockets, cuffs and other random pieces. The stitching is very crappily done and it's coming out all over the place.
-While warmer in cooler temperatures wearing the new uniform in summer sucks. It doesn't breath very well and heats up super fast.Even worse on forced marches.
-The piece of velcro that the name tag sticks to seems to be made to different lengths. My nametag fits well on one uniform and hangs over the side on others, looks sloppy.
-Flag is too big and looks cheap. I found it tends to curl up.
-Seems to be extra material with the new uniforms and I find them noticeably heavier.
I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere but I had to buy my rank "slip ons". I've heard of members having to buy the giant flags before too.
-Pants seem to be made to a different sizing standard too.

Over all I like the look and find it looks sharper from a distance but handing the uniform it seems like it was rushed through production and the quality dropped significantly. It would be awesome if we can start issuing the OTW shirts for those of us who wear armor and chest rigs.