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Mike Bobbitt

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As we occasionally have commercial businesses posting here, I thought it would be useful to publicly outline our official position.

At Army.ca we make a conscious effort to keep commercial posts to a minimum so as to reduce distractions and keep the quality of our content high. We have worked very hard to attract a specific, focused audience and want to ensure we can retain them with high quality content. I have seen sites fall into a 'business bulletin board' approach and when that happens, the user participation usually tapers off. We would like to avoid that, as this is a site driven by the users, not by businesses.

If you have come here looking to promote your products on Army.ca I recommend having a look at http://Army.ca/ads for info and pricing. This method provides the site with much needed financial support and keeps commercial ads focused in the designated areas. In return it gives you full coverage across all of our family of sites and provides access to the military audience we have put so much effort into building and maintaining. Larger ventures may want to consider the marketing options outlined here.

I realize that a lot of businesses that come here are just starting out and have little or no cash for advertising. We are in much the same boat, and as a result can truly benefit from even a small amount of advertising support.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Cheers and thanks