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Official Buy/Sell/Trade Rules (Please Read)

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Acceptable Items
This section is for buyers, sellers and traders of military gear and accessories. Basically, if it's green or military related, it belongs here. Legal firearms and ammunition are acceptable. If you're looking to sell non-military goods, please post in the Civvy Trading Post.

Unacceptable Items
Anything clearly non-military in nature also falls into this category. Also remember: If it's on your charge you could be charged for selling it. Unacceptable items will be deleted.

Sold Items
When a sale has been completed, please edit your thread to use the "SOLD" thread prefix. This saves you from getting messages about an item you've already sold. Sold topics may be removed to help keep things clean. If you can no longer edit your post, please use the 'report to moderator' function and we'll update it for you.

Please, no retailers or commercial businesses. (See the advertising section for retailer options, or contact me if you'd like to enquire about having your own Equipment board.)

Post Formatting
It's important to use a clear and concise title for your post, and to use a thread prefix to denote the type of post The title should include a clear description of the item(s) and the price, if applicable.

You should use a thread prefix such as For Sale, Wanted, Free, etc. to denote the nature of your post.

You'll get a lot more interest if your post title is well formed. Posts that don't follow this format are likely to be ignored. The format looks like this:
  • Wanted - Item or Items ($price)
  • For Sale - Item or Items ($price)
  • Trade - Items for Items ($price)
In your title, be descriptive and specific. Some good examples:
  • For Sale - 84 Pattern Ruck w/Frame ($60)
  • Wanted - DEU Tunic (Tan)
  • Trade - Jungle Boots (8 1/2) for Ranger Blanket
  • For Sale - Multiple Items ($20 OBO)
Some bad examples:
  • I have a mag pouch for sale for 10 dollars
  • For SALE - Crests, Price lowered
Army.ca takes no responsibility for the accuracy of posts here, nor for the validity of any transactions conducted. Make sure you do your homework before you commit to a transaction, to save everyone grief.

Good luck and happy trading!
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