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Wanted Irish Regt of Canada Kilt Wanted

Looking for an item to trade or purchase


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I am seeking to purchase (or trade for) one of the kilts worn by the Irish Regiment of Canada given my background as a soldier and my considerable Irish, Scottish, and Canadian heritage. Although Canada has some wonderful Scottish kilts, I especially like the fact that it is the only kilted Irish regiment outside Ireland and the tartan pattern is far more unique – and better looking tbh – than the plain saffron kilts worn by other Irish regiments.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in selling or trading for such a kilt, or if you coul refer me to a source(s) for purchasing one I would be incredibly grateful! To date, I’ve only seen one listed on eBay and it was sold before I had a chance to purchase it.

I can be reached at:
[email protected]

I would be incredibly thankful for any assistance that you can provide!

Best wishes,

~Tom Le Min
Delaware, USA


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