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  1. FJAG

    Advancing With Purpose 4th Edn Dec 2020

    I've just received a copy of the above and have now read the thing in detail and I'm actually quite pleased with many "fine print" issues raised within it. It appears that the target level for readiness and the MRP are changing so that a brigade will be the level to train towards (including as...
  2. FJAG

    OHIO ARNG Chaplain calls Joint Chief of Staff's letter seditious

    This should prove interesting: See whole article here. ?
  3. FJAG

    Singaporean Armoured Corps Training Centre

    Every once in a while you come across something you didn't know. Singapore has a defence budget lower than ours with a regular force army of some 70,000 and a reserve in excess of 300,000 organized into three regular combined arms divisions and two operational reserve divisions. This little...
  4. FJAG

    German Parliamentarians continue to procrastinate about armed drones.

    Article in German here. :cheers:
  5. FJAG

    US Navy - Problems with Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ships

    Seems there may be huge problems with the drive train on the Freedom Class LCSs: See whole article here. :cheers:
  6. FJAG

    St Barbara's day 2020

    Happy St Barbara's day to my fellow gunners and all those of the other fiery arts. Here's hoping that she sees us safely through for the remainder of this dumpster fire of a year and leads us to better times in the next one. Ubique. :cheers:
  7. FJAG

    Flynn urges Martial Law and "temporary" Suspension of Constitution

    Well. For anyone who had doubts about whether or not former General Flynn has all his marbles together, there's this: See rest of article here. And here at Military Times. :cheers:
  8. FJAG

    NATO Foreign Ministers Meet - New Directions For NATO?

    NATO Foreign Ministers are meeting today in Brussels. Concurrently Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg received an experts' report on how to keep NATO relevant going forward. See article here. A transcript of Stoltenberg's press conference after the first days meeting is here. Note in...
  9. FJAG

    Artillery in the 70's - A Flashback Video

    Attached is a link to a training video produced to show the organization and operations of the close support medium artillery regiment under the Corps 86 concept. With the exception of the RPV (remotely piloted vehicle) and the rocket battery and to an extent the counter mortar radars, the...
  10. FJAG

    France refocusing military on Russia and China

    France is looking at upping budget and refocusing on stronger formations with modernized weapon systems. See article herehere. Something to think and ponder about. :cheers:
  11. FJAG

    Parliament passes Conservative motion requiring Government to act on China

    Somehow this slipped past me last week but looks like the Government has been given 30 days to come up with a plan similar to what Australia has implemented. See rest of article here. :cheers:
  12. FJAG

    Mattis: Biden Should Reject Trump's Security Strategy for Defence in Depth

    See rest of article here :cheers:
  13. FJAG

    Inspector General of Australian Defence Forces Report on Afghan War Crimes

    The Australian IGADF Report on war crimes committed by Australian troops in Afghanistan is complete after four years of investigation. There's a good backgrounder on it here. Apparently: See here. :worms:
  14. FJAG

    Sweden to increase defence spending by 40% over 5 years

    The closer you are to the Baltic Sea, the more you worry about Russia. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/15/sweden-to-increase-military-spending-by-40-as-tension-with-russia-grows :cheers:
  15. FJAG

    Eddie Van Halen passes at 65

    My favourite Van Halen number. Jump with David Lee Roth :cheers:
  16. FJAG

    US Army Project Convergence 2020

    Project Convergence is a month long exercise to bring together the weapons and capabilities the US Army envisions fighting with in the 2030s and beyond in a seamlessly networked environment. It involves incorporating artificial intelligence, autonomy and robotics in the air and on the ground...
  17. FJAG

    Schmeisser is back.

    Many of you are probably familiar with the German WW2 submachine gun; the MP40 which was designed by Hugo Schmeisser in association with C.G. Haenel GmBG (and hence called the Schmeisser). Coincidentally they invented the modern assault rifle, the MP44/StG44 which influenced the design of...
  18. FJAG

    Trump Administration Shuts Down Stars and Stripes

    See rest of article here. :worms:
  19. FJAG

    Re-establishing a Canadian Armoured Brigade in Europe

    I've published another article on my Blog/Website as a follow up to my book Unsustainable at Any Price: The Canadian Armed Forces in Crisis and my CMJ article. The new article Re-establishing a Canadian Armoured Brigade in Europe builds on my previous thoughts and presents possible ways that we...
  20. FJAG

    Who owns long range precision fires?

    Okay. Who had July 9th in the crazy inter-service rivalry pool? Arguments are starting to arise that the US Army's Long Range Precision Fires initiative under their "Big Six" ought to be an Air Force resource seeing as it's "over-the-horizon" See full article here :stirpot: