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    Marines to Retool to Meet China Threat

    The Cmdt is not messing around. Big changes afoot for the Corps. Dropping all tanks and 18 cannon batteries and other things in order to reduce the size of the force and gain additional UAS and C130 squadrons and rocket batteries...
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    Why You Don't Leave Tanks Without Infantry Support

    The title says it all. https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/comments/f07hac/a_good_example_of_why_a_tank_shouldnt_be_left_wo/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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    The Brigade Fight

    Recently I've been thinking about how we want our brigade's to fight.  Now, that may seem laughable in some ways due to the fact that we have no recent experience in deploying an actual CMBG and our CMBG's aren't really resourced to fight as a formed formation.  Having said this, the army says...
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    What do we want from Army Doctrine and Cbt Tm in Ops?

    The Cbt Tm in Ops pam is being reviewed.  The fact that our Pams are no longer printed means that they can be reviewed and updated more frequently.  I've been asked to have a look at the pub and give my comments.  A couple thoughts have already been put forward such as making Cbt Tm in Ops an...
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    Re Grouping

    I'm out supporting Ex Common Ground and this year's Combat Team Commander's Course features a lot of regrouping on the fly.  While regrouping is supposed to be something we're to be good at and it should be a drill it induces significant friction.  Ensuring radios get on the right freq, moving...
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    Deception, OPSEC, and Surprise

    I was lucky enough to spend the last 10 days in the UK and France on a staff ride of the Western Front from WW 1 with the British Army.  The Brits have done a similar ride every two years for the last six years and have been using it for force development purposes so it's less about the history...
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    Mapping Support

    Don't know if this belongs here or not.  I have the Marine Corps to thank for all these and they've been pretty popular around my unit once I shopped them around. This one is pretty much google maps with MGRS overlaid. http://www.hawg-view.com/# This one can also be used similar to Hawg-View...
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    Tactical Decision Game (TDG)

    Moderators:  This was originally published in the Marine Corps Gazette.  Not sure if that is a problem.  I'll take it down if it is. I've asked about these on here before and I haven't had much luck.  After being in Quantico for a year though, I now have a ton.  I'll try to post one every once...
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    The State of Army Doctrine

    I'm currently attending Expeditionary Warfare School with the USMC which is their AOC equivalent.  I've had the opportunity to read a lot of USMC doctrine and a lot of US Army as well.  What has struck me is the quantity in that they actually cover off everything the force is expected to do, the...
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    TFK Force Structure

    Anybody have an org chart or anything for TFK in those last couple of years?  I'm giving a presentation at the Marines' Expeditionary Warfare School and I'd like to speak about our years in Kandahar.
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    The Atrophy of Conventional War Fighting Skills?

    http://www.foreignpolicy.com/files/fp_uploaded_documents/121121_2CR_JMRC_13_01_Collection_Report1.pdf http://ricks.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2012/11/21/a_worrisome_report_on_the_eroded_combat_skills_of_an_army_stryker_regiment...
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    The John10 Show

    Very interesting.  Goes to show that even secretive units need to have a level of transparency in certain areas if they want to continue to operate with the consent of the public.  This could turn into a dog's breakfast if enough people caught on to it. Now that the member is no longer in JTF 2...
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    Safety Angle and Beaten Zones

    Two seperate questions: 1.  Wartime small arms safety angle.  Does this exist?  I know our training safety angle is 688 mils for 5.56 and 622 for 7.62 and that out past the riccochet line then safety distances are employed, however, I, nor has anyone around my office heard of a wartime safety...
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    Evolution of the Canadian Rifle Section

    Does anyone have a reference that explains all the different organizations of our sections since World War 1?  I found this link                                      ( http://www.bayonetstrength.150m.com/Commonwealth/Canadian/canadian_infantry_and_motor_battalion.htm ) which goes over the...
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    The Toyota Horde. Potential Future Fact or Fairytale?

    I came across this short interesting article on the Small Wars Journal by William F. Owen which argues that our future most dangerous enemies will be forces that are competent in formation level combined arms maneuver but conducting it with low cost forces.  It can be found here...
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    A webliography for an OPME

    I'm doing the Technology and Warfare OPME and as part of the course I must do a webliography.  This means I must choose three websites on "Combined Arms Assault and Tactics" and assess them.  Does anyone know of any good sites devoted to this subject? Thanks!
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    The BG's 4th manouevre coy

    Does anybody think that attaching a 4th coy to the BG will have a large impact in Panjwayii or is it too little too late? I'm leaving towards too little too late.
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    Common Taliban Weaponry

    I'm trying to familarize myself with the common weaponry used by the Taliban, so that I can study their characteristics, etc. Thus far I  know of: AK 47 RPK PKM RPG-7 Recoiless Rifles 73mm, 75mm, 82mm, 107mm Mortars of various calibers Anything I'm missing?  Is anyone able to be specific about...
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    KPRT Organization

    I don't think this is OPSEC, however, I will keep my comments general and anyone who can help may PM me. I believe the KPRT is currently broken down into 2 'Stabs', what is the purpose of this and what does each Stab accomplish? Thanks
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    A reading list for Patton?

    Patton once said "I think it is necessary for a man to begin to read military history in its earliest and hence crudest form and to follow it down in natural sequence permitting his mind to grow with his subject until he can grasp without effort the most abstruse question  of the science of...