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Author Topic: UPDATED Questions from a newbie to the site
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posted 21 April 2021 01:50     Profile for Se7eN   Author's Homepage   Email Se7eN     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I have a couple questions, please answer them if you are able to.


say i went reg force in 1 year, I live in calgary, doi have to join the PPCLI? and as a reg soldier how difficult is it to get into a para coy in the PPCLI and RCR?

I am signed up for reserve QL2 and QL3 traning this summer. Will I be issued the new CADPAT combats?

Also for my QL4 course I am interested in doing my basic parachutist course. I am going to be a Calgary Highlander and I know I can only get the course becasue only the QOR's have a para coy (reserve). How tough is it to get accepted to the course? and if i chose a recce course is there a recce platoon in the Highlanders?

Thanks a ton,

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posted 21 April 2021 02:29     Profile for Doug   Email Doug     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
First of all, the basic para is not a QL 4 course. It's not trade specific. I don't know if you will be issued the CADPAT, but that is a possibility, you still might have to wait a year or so.
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posted 21 April 2021 10:26     Profile for fortuncookie5084   Email fortuncookie5084     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
The basic para course is nearly impossible to get on. Unlike in the US, where any 11B INF soldier who can pass the airborne PFT, in Canada there just isn't the money to send people on courses that are less useful within Canada's defence vision. More useful courses are, for example, comms, MG, and driver. After your unit gets people qualified with skills that can be applied on every ex, there is not always money left over for the fun stuff. DOn't get me wrong-- I wish everyone who wanted a jump course could get one and I am a big believer in parachute operations, but the reality in the reserves is that basic para is hard to come by.

If you're the daring sort, there all a few groups that offer slots on abridged (they cut out the "ground week"--no gruelling PT, so show up in shape) para courses in certain foreign countries. I don't want to advertise anyone in particular, but for a price you can do a course. I got trained and jump with one of those groups, so if you look around and want to spend the $$, you can hook up with them. If you want to know my explicit opinion on this subject, speak with me privately.

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posted 21 April 2021 21:36     Profile for JRMACDONALD   Author's Homepage   Email JRMACDONALD     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
SEVEN- youwont see the Cadpat on issue for at least two years.
If you wish to join the Reg F Infantry, you can choose your regt.( you can even be a VanDOO!) Courses are limited by availability, Jump crse vacancies are rare( the Calg Highrs had only two in the last six years!) There is a Recce crse on in WATC this summer, its the first time it has been offered , unrelated to PRe deployment Training. The Calg Highrs dont have a recce Pl, but you could get a vacancy , next year, if they run the course!.


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