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Author Topic: Sniper selection
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posted 25 March 2021 13:36     Profile for bender   Email bender     Send New Private Message     Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

I'm new to the CF, i'm just about to finish my QL2 course as a reservist. When i finnish my school I was thinking about going Reg force, my goal is to enter sniper training. I'm curious if you have to be hand picked for this training or if you can just enter the course and see if you have the brass to finnish. If anyone has some info on the subject please let me know.

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Yard Ape
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posted 26 March 2021 11:13     Profile for Yard Ape   Email Yard Ape     Send New Private Message     Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Once you're in a battalion, let you section commader and platoon commander know you are intrested in the course. They will be the ones who push up to the Coy to get you on the course. If a lot of people want on the course the Bn will likely send those they see as the best. So, if you want to go, be the best.

Yard Ape

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posted 26 March 2021 12:15     Profile for ender   Email ender     Send New Private Message     Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
what you can do once you've finished your QL3 is see if your unit has a shooting tem. You can try and make the provincials and maybe CFSAC. (canadian forces small arms competition) This would help your shooting skills alot. Although marksmanship is only part of being a sniper, it's an important part. It probably won't get a snipers course, but it will help you once you get there.
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posted 26 March 2021 23:35     Profile for Doug     Send New Private Message     Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
You'll probably have to wait until the reg force to get on a sniper course, I'm pretty sure that the reserves don't run any. But in the meantime Ender's right, get on a shooting team and learn how to shoot! There are prerequisites for the sniper course, like Recce, and being a marksman to begin with. It also doesn't hurt to be in an infantry battalion!

Good Luck!

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posted 27 March 2021 17:17     Profile for Master Blaster   Email Master Blaster     Send New Private Message     Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
If you have experience in stalking, hunting and marksmanship, have the stones (or stonettes) to cap a round that will end the life of someone's brother, son, daughter, father, mother, etc. then you may have the patience to seek employment as a sniper. It takes a lot of moxy to be able to see the life of a human being snuffed out at your gentle squeeze of a precision killing machine.

Good Luck!

Dileas Gu Brath


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posted 31 March 2021 19:12     Profile for ocknod   Author's Homepage   Email ocknod     Send New Private Message     Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Adds to Blasters msg......

And they get ready for one hell of a course. The failure rate on the Basic Sniper Course is fairly high. Shooting is probably the easyest part of the course. Most fail the stalk. Imaging a big open field in Wainwrigt with trained snipers standing on the high ground looking to see if they can pick you out. Major accomplishment if you can pass that PO!

GOod luck




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Terry Warner
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posted 06 April 2021 18:44     Profile for Terry Warner   Email Terry Warner     Send New Private Message     Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Sniper selection:

Be fit. Be independent. Be a good shot. Have patience. Have a keen eye for observation. Be personally efficient (ie. never the last man to finish a common task amongst a group). Don't get wrapped up in the psychology of shooting and killing. Leave those lessons to your course and learn the mindset from people who know. There are Canadian sniper who have pulled the trigger for real; everyone else is just an interested amateur.

However, the thread of the postings is correct. Get into a Reg F inf bn. Get into Recce Pl. Be good in the field. Try out for the rifle team. Most bns are very short on snipers or trained marksmen. So, a willing volunteer has a better chance and all of these experiences will improve your chances.


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