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Posted by Gunner from Canada on May 23, 2021 at 19:01:50:

In Reply to: National Service? posted by Magoo on May 23, 2021 at 16:43:06:

I agree with the idea of National Service. National service would act as a right of passage that young men and women would go through to be accepted as citizens of the Canadian society. No service to your social welfare state benefits. Lets say national service would be for a one year period and 18 year olds could sign up to serve in a variety of institutions, including, the military, our health care system, national parks, forestry, fisheries, day/home care, etc. Payment would be in the form of food and lodging and a small monthly stripend (similar to what RMC cadets get). Costs associated with this program could be funded out of existing funding. How do you do it with existing funding? Easy, the money saved from universities not having to spend money on first year students that drop out when they realize university isn't for them, get rid of alot of union wage earners in simpler jobs (ie cleaners at hospitals), and finally, use the billions of dollars we waste on human resource grants and on feminist porno movies (privately funded ones are ok)...and other arts grants. In fact alot of the national service could be done in ones home town with opportunities to work in far away places (banff, jasper, Petawawa!, etc, etc.

Unfortunately our left wing nut special interest groups would decry this initiative as discriminatory against the youth, disabled, women, aboriginals, etc, etc and it would become mired in politics...

I'm all for a national service program...if I'm going to give my many tax dollars to welfare recipients and snot nosed teenagers in univerisity, I want to know they did something for Canada prior to the government handouts so they can lay around smoking weed and having sex and complaining..!

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