fuck the reserve!!

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Posted by matt (warrior) from Canada on May 05, 2021 at 17:03:30:

Or youre a warrior, full time, ready to fight with a
full metal jacket contract, or you work at McDonalds
flipping burgers. Cause to me, dressing in green on
week-ends and if something comes up, you deside not to
play and stay under momy`s dress, Thats wannabees
in green. Believe me I saw the capability of the
reserve, at the Airborne Regiment, the round lake
massacre exercise were the reserve came as augmantees
could not fucking stay awake to check the stove,
or forget there weapons on a tree just to find out 10 KM
later at night... AIRBORNE 1 Commando, ALL THE WAY!!
the rest stay home, we will do the job, as in the past!

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