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Posted by Greg from Canada on May 07, 2021 at 00:37:36:

In Reply to: Re: fuck the reserve!! posted by Jon Skagfeld on May 05, 2021 at 23:26:40:

Well, having never been a member of either the regs or reserves, I normally don't stick my nose into these "discussions" re:Reserves v. Regs, but I have some thoughts on the matter: While each side can make a convincing arguement, I wonder about the likes of those who make statements like the one above(For the most part, the regs I've worked with have all been good moes. In fact, I've never had a problem with any of 'em.) Assuming for a moment that your assessment of the reserves is correct that the reserves are half the soldier that you are, doesn't that mean that the reserves are able to attain 50% of your skill set in approx. 20% of the time that you put into it(You do it year round, full-time and they do it one night a week and some weekends.)? Beyond that, since they not only have the ability to be a soldier, as evidenced by their participation in the reserves, they can also persue another career. You, on the other hand, have achieved competency(I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.)in one field and one field only. The best term for that would be "idiot savant".

No offence to any reg members, but I think that the reserves deserve some respect for what they do.

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