Re: fuck the reserve!!

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Posted by Art Johnson from Toronto ON Canada on May 06, 2021 at 02:16:35:

In Reply to: fuck the reserve!! posted by matt on May 05, 2021 at 17:03:30:

Came across a humourus article on Colin McGregor Stevens 1st Canadian Airborne site which in turn came from the Readers Digest that I thought was apropo of this topic:
"I overheard two soldiers attempting to stave off the the gloom surrounding the final mass drop of the Canadian Airborne Regiment at CFB Petawawa. "I've done that 128 times," said the sergeant looking up at the decending canopies.
"Yeah," added the sergeant major, "and I've got over 250 jumps."

They both turned to a World War II veteran standing nearby. "How about you, sir," the sergeant major asked, "how many jumps've you got?"

The od soldier blinked from behind a foot long row of campaign medals on his blazer. "Why, just one, Sergeant Major." he said with a grin,"just one."

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