Canada Trust Is Prejudiced Against CF Minorities!!!!!!!

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Posted by the money man on April 21, 2021 at 15:45:01:

To Everyone in the CF or who has ever had the privilege of Wearing the Uniform:

I have some very bad news in regards to the financial institution that administers your Group Rsp plan for the armed forces..... that would be Canada Trust. Apparently their Direct Credit department has a policy that is blatantly racist against visible minorities (people of colour)
they automatically assume that you are fraudulent if you are calling in to apply for any type of credit if you have a Carribean or ethnic accent....... For all those that would like to voice their displeasure..... you can call their National Complaint office 1-800-668-8888 and file a complaint in regards to this issue..... or you can call and ask for their Direct Credit office by calling 1-800-361-3279. By the way, the individual who made this policy is a supervisor in
their Direct Credit division known as Tammy Munro....... MAKE YOUR CONCERNS KNOWN..... Many of minorities have served honourably with the CF..... no one should tolerate this type of garbage.... especially when it comes from a bank.

Happy Easter

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