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Posted by the patriot from Canada on April 25, 2021 at 22:57:03:

In Reply to: Just so you know... posted by Boyd on April 25, 2021 at 05:36:59:

Hello Boyd,

As for your question in regards to anthropology. East Indians fall into all of the racial categories you've mentioned above. I see that you fail to see the point that everything I've mentioned in items previous are based on factual information, not frivolous hype or stereotypes. I agree that punishing the current generation for the mistakes of previous ones is a bad move by anyones standards. Yet, we all know that history has a bad habit of repeating itself. There have been genocides in various parts of the world with death counts in the millions..... Things haven't changed much in 500 years. As for the the problem of systemic racial issues. These problems do exist, and if no one points them out, nothing will ever be done to correct them. Plain and simple. Oh and by the way,
the Indus valley civilizations go back past 5000 years of any written history known to date. Pre-biblical and prior to the Roman Empire. Those civilizations predated any current European power or ideology. In closing, no I have not reflected my "severe lack of knowledge of anthropology." Your secret white membership comment does raise some eyebrows as to your
political leanings. Is there something you're trying to hide?

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