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Posted by the patriot from Canada on April 24, 2021 at 00:53:35:

In Reply to: You know.... posted by Michael Dorosh on April 24, 2021 at 00:02:10:

Dear Mr. Dorosh:

As for your petition for Jewish friends, I commend you for doing so if you are being sincere. As for your comment in regards to not giving a rats ass for when East Indians got the vote; I think you should. I don't see you wearing a Victoria Cross. East Indians wear Victoria Crosses proudly Mr. Dorosh. Go check it out on the internet. The very medium that wouldn't be possible without East Indians considering a third of all the programming in Silicon Valley is done in Bangalore, India. Furthermore, I get the feeling I'm dealing with someone who can't "think" on an intellectual level. That's wonderful that you get along well with your visible minority co-workers. I applaud you for that. But regarding your slavic blood,
Serbs are Slavic and they just committed one of the largest genocides in history. You live a life of privelege due to the fact you were born white. Remember that. As for your other comments, Ukraine is still the "hole" of Europe. India is on the verge of becoming a superpower. I strongly suggest you get your historical facts right, and get a better attitude in regards to your professional conduct. I don't sense any inclination of sincerity in regards to your service to your customers. As I mentioned, one displeasured customer turns into ten more and if you have an understanding of the exponential growth curve, you will certainly get the picture. By the way, I assume that you're extremely happy with your position with ScotiaBank, that is why you're still on contract after three years. Obviously you miss the point, a core account leads to other business with the customer.
Without the core bank account, remember that you're department is nothing, and means nothing. And lastly,
its the visible minorities asses that you kiss every day so that you can get business. Most coloured people I know are land owners.

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