Re: It'll be a real tragedy when you're gone yess because you'll be in charge

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Posted by Andyboy from Canada on April 18, 2021 at 13:53:50:

In Reply to: It'll be a real tragedy when you're gone posted by Michael Dorosh on April 18, 2021 at 02:56:09:

Here we go.

The veterans of the WW2 were by no means as fit as todays youth, they were much much fitter. That comes from WORKING for a living which didn't leave much money or time for school, not, as you might have us believe because, they weren't smart enough. Something you might learn while in school is that education and intelligence are two factors which are mutually exclusive.

AS for their training most of them had from 1939-44 to train and as for the Regular and Molitia they were pitifully trained at the start of each and every war we've been in. The Molitia and reserves are supposed to be a firm base upon which to start the mobilization and I have never suggested otherwise, however pretending to be well trained is not the same as being well trained.

As for our training the QL2 and 3 has gotten shorter not in terms of time but in terms of teh number of lessons. Many of the things we used to teach recruits have been removed and the FTXs have been reduced. If you don't believe me take a look at the CTP for either course. Pepperpotting over open ground is obviously unrealistic however it is usually a necessity for training in order to keep control and to endure the troops are learning about the fundamental theory of fire and movement. If they understand and can do it in an open field then you move to more realistic terrain to practice. No-one has ever suggested to me or anyone else that we would attack a position over open aground in the manner we practice. When I refer to realistic training I don't necessarily mean live fire shoot-em-up stuff because that isn't particularly realistice either. The type of training I would prefer to see is more Light Infantry oriented, as you said we don't have APCs and probably never will, because that is useful, tough, and rewarding.

The regs take ten weeks to do Battle school because they have weekends off and have more material to cover, in greater depth. Don't kid youraself that you are any smarter than any of them because they "take longer" to learn.

AS for the rest of what you said about employers etc. I agree with you, no employer will happily give up an employee for a month or two and that has always been a problem but I really don't see what your point is relating to this discussion.

In all I suppose you are a pretty good representation of the newest generation of troops. In your three years in the Army you have learned it all and seen it all and with a few more years of experience you will begin to see the truth.

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