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Re: Infantry Phase Trg vs basic Infantry Training

Michael (comments wanted from all) from Ian Edwards:
If each Phase is 10 weeks (therefore about 70 days) how the heck is
anyone except a post secondary student or school teacher expected to
find time to take a phase? Will even the various levels of government
allow civil servants that much time off, and if so how can their job be
performed in their absence?
I also understand, from a discussion I had last night with a PRes
CWO, that QL7 is 90 days in length (if he is "out" a little in is
calculation - so what?) and that because of this barrier it has become
virtually impossible to make anyone a MWO coming up purely from the PRes
side of things. Therefore it has become (necessary?) to parachute in
former Reg Force Sr NCOs as potential MWOs and CWOs, to the detriment of
the unit(s) concerned.
Not expecting you to be an apologist for the "system" just asking for
comments, such as how practical would it be to break down phases and
higher QL levels into two or more parts so one could have a chance to
take them over a period of time. Understand, also,that QL7 is a Reg
Force course only, and that it's hard enough just to get a slot for a
PRes in lieu of Reg Forces.
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