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Re: Infantry Phase Trg vs basic Infantry Training

on 6/6/00 10:33, Ian Edwards at [email protected] wrote:
> I also understand, from a discussion I had last night with a PRes
> CWO, that QL7 is 90 days in length (if he is "out" a little in is
> calculation - so what?) and that because of this barrier it has become
> virtually impossible to make anyone a MWO coming up purely from the PRes
> side of things. Therefore it has become (necessary?) to parachute in
> former Reg Force Sr NCOs as potential MWOs and CWOs, to the detriment of
> the unit(s) concerned.
This delema will never be solved to the satisfaction of everyone. Presently
there are Occupational Specifications for Reg Force and there are also Specs
for PRes. In some occupations the spec is close to being the same while
others have a real gap in the differences. This is based on the requirement
of the force but it poses a problem when soldiers from the PRes are employed
in the Reg force. There is, and always will be a 'we' 'them' attitude.
My TQ 7 was 53 training days and I am not sure if I could have done it if it
was broken into segments. I had a difficult enough time remembering points
taught the previous week let alone points taught a summer or more ago. hee
I also sympathise with PRes soldiers working hard and trying to hone their
skills only to see a retired RSM or Sgt Maj parachuted into the unit because
he was better trained. Shortly after I retired and moved here I got a call
from the CO of the local reserve unit offering me a very cushy job. We had
lunch and he paid, but I declined. He told me that I was better trained and
could help him out. I told him that his unit needed to promote from within
to keep his Sr NCOs and WOs loyal and self actualised. I keep my hair cut
short and still sneak into the Sergeant's Mess now and again, albeit as a
I'm not saying that retired soldiers don't have something to offer the PRes
... because they do. I do believe that we old dogs would better serve the
soldiers in those reserve units as unpaid consultants and coach from the
sidelines for the sheer love of the game.
arte et marte
andy sends
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