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Glad I could help.

W Eng Tech is not IT related - at one point I was actually trained as a Dell Certified computer tech by the RCN, as well as getting some of my MCSE courses and Novel netware admin and such - but when I left that posting and went back to a ship, I was not permitted to use that training anymore - that role (desktop and laptop IT support) fell to the NavComm world, and they are very protective of it.

The NE Tech trades (precursors to the W Eng Tech) used to have a Fiber Optic Repair, a PC Maintenance and Repair, and a Network Technologies courses and a training section with dedicated hardware at CFNES, but those courses were cancelled over a decade ago because it was deemed 'Cadillac' training. As well, the feeling amongst some of the trade leadership was that the troops joining often had the aptitude and skillset anyhow, so there was no need to train them formally. I may have vociferously disagreed, and will observe that the action of "Proving a CPO2 Wrong" has consequences.

It's even more fun when the direct outcome is, when in the Senior Instructor Role at CFNES 5 years after that time, to pull out that email chain in answer to a formal question from a director at DMSS about naval networks and programming routers...and ccing that (now) CPO1 who shut the training down on the response.

Good times....I still have those email chains saved.

On the other hand, I'm also no longer a W Eng Tech, so it's not directly my concern anymore.

Good luck with whichever trade you do select!