The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

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Considering we've lost approx 7% to inflation since 2017, that'll be the nail in the coffin for most folks. Back to the 90s with Ptes at food banks?

If so it looks like they'll have alot of company. US data....

Hardship Remains High, Latest Census Data Show​

Hardship remains high across the board although some measures halted their upward trend in early January, Census data released today show. Millions of people report that their household didn’t get enough to eat, isn’t caught up on rent, or struggled to cover usual expenses. While the relief package enacted in December amidst surging hardship and a stalling recovery will provide important help to many people, another substantial stimulus and relief package is needed to address ongoing hardship and extend key provisions of the December package that will expire in coming months.

Our updated tracker features new data from the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey showing the pandemic’s ongoing impact. According to the latest Pulse data, collected January 6-18:

  • Nearly 24 million adults — 11 percent of all adults — reported that their household sometimes or often didn’t have enough to eat in the last seven days.
  • An estimated 15.1 million adults living in rental housing — 1 in 5 adult renters — weren’t caught up on rent.
  • More than 80 million adults — 35 percent of all adults — reported it was somewhat or very difficult for their household to cover usual expenses in the last seven days.
Hardship rates are particularly high among families with children, raising serious concerns about the long-term consequences of persistent hardship for children’s health and their academic outcomes. Food hardship among adults living with children is four times above pre-pandemic rates, available data suggest. Between 9 and 12 million children live in a household where children didn’t eat enough because the household couldn’t afford it, according to our analysis of detailed Pulse data collected December 9-21 (the latest available for this measure). Nearly half of all children live in households that had trouble covering usual expenses. And more than 4 in 10 children living in rental housing live in a household that either isn’t getting enough to eat or isn’t caught up on rent.



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Where's the pay freeze rumour coming from? Does it apply to civil servants, given that we mimic their pay? (cause PSAC is done negotiating and will be livid)

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PSAC has received their pay increase, in fact...

The CPC did call for a General officer pay freeze, not an across the board freeze.

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So...what is the official work on a pay increase for the CAF? It's been almost 4 years...

From what I can tell; nothing. For the most recent pay raises, we knew around fall timeframe. This time around?

SFA. As mentioned...PSAC has their pay increase. We are the group that can get told to PFO and there's nothing that can be done about it.