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Physical Fitness (Jogging, Diet, Cardiovascular, and Strength )


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You have a year, so instead of worrying about failing the timings concentrate on improving your running. If you need help look for a running club or a gym to get help. It is an achievable goal to do within a year.


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Wertyguy said:
Hi, I plan to join the military 1 year from now I want to be in the airforce and at the moment Im just working out, improving my physical fitness. The only thing that concerns me joining is the 2.4km run test. I am physically strong, I can lift weights I can jog 5k for 29 minutes, I can push ups 50, I can squat 160 pounds for 8 reps 3 sets as an example. My height/weight is 5'8/140lbs.  I saw that the requirement is 10 mins or so for 2.4k run. Right now, I can do somewhere around 14 to 15 mins. My question is Lets say I passed all the test except only managed getting 14 mins or so for 2.4k, what are the chances of me getting in basic military training? Would I automatically fail if I didnt pass the 2.4k requirement? Thanks

Where are you seeing a 2.4k requirement to join the Forces? The only place I'm aware of that distance being a standard is in selection courses which don't apply to you.

Work that 5k time, you sound like you're already ahead of the curve a year out.