Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment ( FORCE )

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Atkinson93 said:
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Just here to ask a few questions,

1. During the application process, I remember there was a very basic PT. I understand now that there is the FORCE evaluation. During the recruitment process, do we do the FORCE test in place of the old PT (a couple of push-ups, a couple of step-ups, and a squat or two) or do we do the FORCE test?

The evaluation is now only done as part of the recruiting process if you are applying for the Reserves.

CAF Reserve Applicant Fitness Evaluation (CAFRFE)

Every Primary Reserve Force Applicant must achieve a minimum fitness standard prior to their enrolment in the Canadian Forces.

Since 1 April 2014, the FORCE Evaluation is now the physical fitness evaluation for CAF Primary Reserve Force Applicants.

If applying for Regular Force...

Physical fitness evaluation
During the first week of basic training, you will take the FORCE Evaluation fitness test to assess your level of physical fitness. You must pass this test in order to continue with basic training.

If you do not meet all four of the fitness test objectives but can meet one or more, you may be able to take additional training as part of the Program to Return to Training at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School. You will have a maximum of 90 days to meet all three of the test objectives.

If you are unsuccessful in meeting the four FORCE Evaluation fitness test objectives at the end of the 90 days, you will be released from the CAF. You may re-start the application process three to five years after your release date (depending on the circumstances of your release) by submitting a new application online.

3. Is there any advice you can give to a 27year old who spent 10 years smoking cigarettes (pack a day+) on improving physical fitness?

Stay "quit", first and foremost.  I didn't quit until I was just shy of 49 and regret it.  Eat healthy, reward yourself each week/month/etc you're smoke free.  Exercise, start slow and steady and work your way up to better fitness.  That is a good basic recipe to start with.