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EuroTank Britains next MBT


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Take care on this.

Note in the presentation that the rep from KMW says "it's not a serious version" which is probably a bad translation of his German thoughts on the subject which is that this is an interim solution targeting foreign markets (and some domestic ones) while the Germans and French work on the design and production of the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) which is presently projected for coming online in 2035.

The EMBT is currently lighter than the Leo2 A7 while having an autoloader which to me means it's armour is lighter. My guess would be that the eventual MGCS will also leverage the proven Leopard chassis and Leclerc turret but will take it to the next level for both the weapon system and protection.

So the question is, if you buy an EMBT now, will you replace it with an MGCS in the late 2030s or will it be your main MBT for the next three or four decades?


Colin Parkinson

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I think the realization has hit that tanks have reached the practical weight limits and guns/missiles/mines and IED will improve to the point where traditional armour combinations will not be sufficient. While they wait for new armour combinations to catch up, they will focus on decent protection, good gun, excellent FCS, and more emphasis on mobility and reliability.