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  1. PuckChaser

    MOVED: Flynn urges Martial Law and "temporary" Suspension of Constitution

    This topic has been moved to Global Politics. https://Army.ca/forums/threads/133345.0
  2. PuckChaser

    Corporal James Choi Fatally Injured in Wainwright 31 Oct 2021

    Info from CDS: https://twitter.com/CDS_Canada_CEMD/status/1322625932239261698 And CAF Public Affairs: https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/news/2020/10/canadian-soldier-killed-while-training-in-wainwright-alta.html
  3. PuckChaser

    Search for new CDS 2020

    Interesting article from forum member and journalist Lee Berthiaume describing what most of us know already: The CDS is largely a political pick to push enact Government policy. We should not expect someone to rock the boat too hard against potentially Force-altering budget cuts due to massive...
  4. PuckChaser

    First Stripes - BMQ Documentary

    Someone shared this on their Facebook wall, thought it would be a good look for anyone thinking about the CAF or departing for BMQ. It's an hour and a half so I haven't completely watched it yet. It follows a Francophone platoon, but its completely subtitled in English. There's no narrator so...
  5. PuckChaser

    MOVED: Military women, female veterans are shifting away from GOP

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  6. PuckChaser

    MOVED: Trump signs massive defense bill

    This topic has been moved to Global Politics. https://Army.ca/forums/threads/128684.0
  7. PuckChaser

    CBI 205 Allowances Changes 1 Sept 17

    Surprised there isn't a topic here yet for this, considering the massive allowance savings the CAF is going to reap (if my non-HR Clerk brain has computed it correctly). Here's the updated link...
  8. PuckChaser

    Light Helmets (from: Future Canadian Airborne Capability and Org)

    By SPECTRA helmet, you mean the standard issued CF helmet? I've never heard it referred to by that name, that's why I ask. I remember that exercise, I was in the TOC and remembered thinking after seeing the weather I was lucky I wasn't a jumper that night.
  9. PuckChaser

    No access to game?

    Doing some fixing, Mike? Had this message for the last couple hours, and my bookmark has disappeared.
  10. PuckChaser

    WO Charles "Chuck" Florian

    Link to obituary: http://www.yourlifemoments.ca/sitepages/obituary.asp?oId=533666 Loss of a great Snr NCO and person to the invisible wounds of war. RIP, Chuck.  :salute: :cdn:
  11. PuckChaser

    Ribbon Bar parts

    Does anyone know of a good place to get the metal parts to a ribbon bar? The sites mentioned here only have the piece with the pins, I'm looking to get the larger piece that the ribbon is attached to, that slides onto the backing w/pins. If there's a place on google, my google-fu is failing me...
  12. PuckChaser

    Almost New Blizzak WS-50 Snow Tires 185 65R14 w/Rims

    Selling 4 Blizzak WS-50 185 65R14 tires mounted and balanced on 5-stud steel rims. These were used for 1 season  (Winter 2008, approx 4,000km of driving) and then removed and stored inside. Tread is almost perfect, some dust and dirt on the rims that can just wash off. Tires were mounted on a...
  13. PuckChaser

    Afghan Ops Game Mechanics FAQ

    So instead of having everyone search all over the place, I decided to make an easy to find post with everything Mike's given us for game mechanics. If I've missed anything, please drop me a PM and I'll add it in here. Happy playing everyone! Insurgency regen: Daily Challenge Types...
  14. PuckChaser

    Facebook Apps and you

    It appears as though some of the biggest applications on Facebook have been sending your personal info to spammers: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20101018/facebook-apps-101018/ Here's the link to the WSJ article referenced in the CTV story, halfway down the page is the list of...
  15. PuckChaser

    Mission Success Probability

    I've had a HV mission unlocked for about 5 levels. Every item required is at level 5 or higher. The mission proficiency itself is at level 3. However, the success level has only moved from 45% to 55% in those 5 levels. Every other HV mission I've unlocked has had a lot larger increase in...
  16. PuckChaser

    Training Percentages

    Mike, Is there a stat that effects how many points you get for each training session? It makes me sad when I spend 4 CR and get 1% 3 times in a row. Since equipment proficiency effects your mission proficiency, and it's also effected by Situational awareness, can SA also boost your chance of a...
  17. PuckChaser

    Theatre Reports and Returns

    I've been looking everywhere on the DWAN, can't find a current copy of the TFA Reports and Returns so I can update the training I'm delivering at my unit. If someone could drop me a PM here, I'll send them my DWAN address if they have a digital copy. An aide memoire would be perfect. I'm mostly...
  18. PuckChaser

    SuperSlug --> PuckChaser

    Thanks gents!
  19. PuckChaser

    Comm Res Mil Skills Competition

    Anyone else here on one of the teams? I'll be proud to be representing 70 Comm Group.