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  1. Replacing the Subs

    They are also incredibly professional. More pusser than us, that's for sure.
  2. Replacing the Subs

    Impossible to say. One thing I do think is that most/all of our tactics will probably be invalidated to a degree. The big revolutions I see in Naval Warfare are going to come via automation. Right now Ships Combat Management Systems can basically fight themselves and the humans who press...
  3. Replacing the Subs

    If only people understood the ranges, weapons and ISR capabilities of submarines vs surface ships, they might be more convinced. All I can say is when the next shooting war begins, a modern submarine will be by far the safest place to be on the ocean. Our Frigates will be sunk to the bottom...
  4. Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    The Navy does all sorts of ridiculous things which don't make any sense. A real good example is Harbour Evolutions where the Ship isn't operating under power. Everyone I've talked to will always say "You need a BWK on the Bridge if you are doing a Cold Move" and they will force a BWK off leave...
  5. Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    The funniest thing I've seen was watching the AWWO fail to get good tracking on a hammerhead for an entire gunnery serial and basically not connect with any rounds from the 57mm only to have an ex-infanteer Bos'n sink the thing with a couple of bursts of .50cal with a massive fireball to boot.
  6. Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    TBH, I think NOPQ as it is presently executed is a deeply flawed evaluation system. Especially when the vast majority of students that graduate from Venture get posted to non-deploying units or Ships not in high-readiness. They then fill out all their reqs, do alongside "discussions" about...
  7. Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    Lt(N) almost exclusively
  8. Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    Couldn't agree more, that being said, I think OROs also need to be paid more and should probably be bumped up a rank as the complexity of the job really isn't reflected in their compensation rate.
  9. Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    I think it's a symptom of a larger problem in the Navy. The simple fact is, the job is very hard at times. It demands long hours, can be highly stressful and many people just don't have the resilience to cope with how demanding it can be. Expectations are high and many people just don't feel...
  10. Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'm as disgusted as everyone else is by the actions of some of our senior leadership but at the end of the day, we have CAF members deployed on operations at the moment, doing their very best to serve their Country under incredibly difficult...
  11. Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    It's probably a way to try and entice people to want to become OROs seeing as how the job is super thankless and almost nobody wants to do it.
  12. Acting Nice for Politics Sake (HMCS Calgary in Brunei)

    I don't think they felt honoured at all, in fact, I know they didn't. Put it this way though: Brunei was nice enough to let us come alongside, give us a bunch of really high quality gasoline, land our garbage, take on critical supplies and even did some exercising with our Navy. They didn't...
  13. Acting Nice for Politics Sake (HMCS Calgary in Brunei)

    I can assure you the Regime that controls Brunei doesn't give two hoots about what we think. They are very rich and don't need us. A visit to Brunei isn't about our disdain for their laws and making it about that, while admirable, is also incredibly naive and foolish. This is about economics...
  14. The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    The idea of the CAF replacing manned fighters with Autonomous Aircraft in the near future is laughable. Autonomous systems of the type we are discussing are more expensive than a manned aircraft because they require extensive Comms and C2 Infrastructure. We don't have the institutional or...
  15. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    US is on track to vaccinate 75% of their population by the late fall. I anticipate that number will continue to decline as well. We are on track to have 75% of our population vaccinated in 10 years. The continental Europeans are doing no better. I'm thinking back to last summer when everyone...
  16. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    As some people have been saying the entire time, it's a marathon not a sprint. Support for lockdowns is also dwindling. Better pile on the vaccine game now. Maybe we need our own version of Op WARP SPEED in this Country.
  17. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    I tend to think the opposite. I think "work from home" is going to exacerbate outsourcing because without the need for physical offices, companies are now wondering "why would we pay you XX amount to sit at home when we can pay someone in India, SE Asia 1/10th the amount for the same thing."
  18. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Canadians are unfortunately finally getting a reality check in International Relations 101: There are no rules and it's everyone for themselves. Maybe we will finally see our population take it's national security a little more seriously?
  19. Special Forces pulls new pistols from service after soldier injured in misfire

    SIG was known for making high quality pistols for a long time. That was when they were a German Company. They are entirely based in the States now as gun control/decline in Euro Military budgets has caused their historic markets to dry up. Their business strategy has shifted as has their...
  20. General Vance - Inappropriate conduct?

    There is also a pattern establishment which is the real problem. Everyone makes bad judgement calls, they learn from them and carry on. It's when they don't that it becomes an issue. It's sad because General Vance was a warfighter and by all accounts, an outstanding student of war. This will...